Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sunday, 16th November 2008

Spotted on Granby Street. More info on flickr.

Saturday, 15th November 2008

At the British Library (not written by me, I hasten to add).

PhD Museum Crawl to London

Friday, 14th November 2008

What am I going to do with that enormous swede?!

Thursday, 13th November 2008

Whoops - no pic. :(

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, 12th November 2008

Back down to earth with a bump. Selling more knitting patterns for cold, hard cash.

Tuesday, 11th November 2008

Oh, Seth Lakeman - how I swoon. ;)
Loughborough SU

Monday, 10th November 2008

Katy immortalised my visage in art...and psychedelic wrapping paper! Yeah, not much work was done in the office today. ;)

Sunday, 9th November 2008

A newly discovered ghost sign on St Georges Way, Leicester.

Saturday, 8th November 2008

Cake, forbidden cake...

See the rest of my Berlin pics on Flickr.

Friday, 7th November 2008

Remains of the Wall on Niederkirchnerstra├če.

Thursday, 6th November 2008

Away to pastures new - Berlin to be precise. Drinks for three at Solar, a very stylish bar on the 16th floor of a building on Stresemannstrasse.

Wednesday, 5th November 2008

Hey, you don't see me waving the Stars and the Stripes very often. But then again, my faith in the American people has been restored! :D

Tuesday, 4th November 2008

Euros for Berlin.

Monday, 3rd November 2008

And none today, neither. My motivation is slipping...

Sunday, 2nd November 2008

No photo. *bad blogger!*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saturday, 1st November 2008

Day of the Dead party hosted by the First Ladies of College Avenue.

Friday, 31st October 2008

A (hopefully) temporary financial crisis prompted me into rationalising my vintage knitting pattern collection. Once again, Billy helped.

Thursday, 30th October 2008

Whoops, I did it again...

Wednesday, 29th October 2008

Hallowe'en is on its way, especially in Clarendon Park.

Tuesday, 28th October 2008

Billy helped me knit my current (secret) knitting project.

Monday, 27th October 2008

Whoops - no pic today. Though I had an excuse...a bad cold and accompanying woolly brain. :(

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sunday, 26th October 2008

Goldfrapp at De Montfort Hall.

Saturday, 25th October 2008

Jenny and I went to the Handmade Burger Co. in Highcross for a late lunch/dinner. I offer you a before, and after shot. Wonderful chips!

Friday, 24th October 2008

With Jenny, I went to see Zoe Rahman at the Richard Attenborough Centre (her first solo gig). Exceeded all my expectations.